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“Learn more of who you are through the voice that I hear”

An intuitive Voice Reading with Tim is a unique opportunity to:

  • know yourself more completely

  • sound your best

  • awaken your life’s potential.

During your in-depth Voice Reading I will attentively listen to your voice, your words and to your totally unique sound. I will then explain to you in words and ways that make sense to you, what your voice says about you. For example, I can explain what other people unconsciously hear and feel when they hear you speak as well as reminding you of some of your unique qualities, values and talents which are carried in your voice.

If you are experiencing life challenges, are feeling stuck or have questions around your voice, we can explore these in your Voice Reading.

Confidential, Compassionate, Constructive

Throughout your confidential Voice Reading you will be heard and understood at a heart and soul level; with empathy, sensitivity, and without judgement.

Every voice Reading I share is unique to the individual. This is because, in the words of spiritual philosopher John O’Donohue “The voice is the most intimate signature of individuality… unlike any sound the human voice carries the force, the light and shadow of consciousness within it.”

  • Hear about experiences from your past that are still being carried forward and are potentially holding you back

  • Hear and gain greater insights about the emotional landscape of your present situations and how to positively work with them

  • Become more consciously aware of your unique qualities, gifts and possibilities as you move into the future

You can receive your intuitive Voice Reading over the phone or via Skype, or if you are in Sydney, you can opt to have your Voice Reading with me in person, in Surry Hills, Sydney, just a short walk from Central Station.

Your Voice Reading Includes

  • a 60 minute in-depth session with Tim
  • a down-loadable high-quality MP3 or CD recording of your Voice Reading for later reference
  • a brief follow-up phone conversation with Tim, where you can ask a question or clarify any points coming out of your voice session

Order your Voice Reading With Tim Now

  1. Email or call me +61 419 779 669 to reserve a date and time for your Voice Reading.

  2. Purchase your in-depth 60 minute Voice Reading via Paypal or Credit Card ($150 AUD)

  3. I’ll then make contact with you by the next business day with the details for receiving your Reading.

Gift Vouchers are available, allowing you to give a friend, partner or family member a Voice Reading as a unique and memorable gift.

About Tim

A professional listener and vocal intuitive – blind from birth – Tim has learnt to listen for countless vocal cues that reveal so much more than the casual listener is aware of, and once enlightened your way of speaking and listening can change for ever. Tim has been studying and working with voice for over two decades.

A lifelong student, Tim’s formal studies include a degree in Psychology and Education, a Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy, a Certificate in Relaxation Hypnosis and extensive studies in energetic & sound healing.

Feedback and Testimonials from Voice Reading Recipients

During my recent Voice Reading with Tim, I was amazed by his specific insights into my personality, strengths and challenges – all from listening to me describe things as innocuous as the weather! Tim identified my beliefs, thoughts and behaviours. He also helped me achieve some real and fresh clarity in some areas that were not consciously known to me. Tim has a definite skill in helping people to connect or re-connect with their knowledge and wisdom – their own inner-voice.

— Susan Harry

I encourage you to share a Voice Reading with Tim Noonan who will provide a remarkable insight into your voice and its subliminal communication and message to others. Tim’s heightened senses and intuition allows him to provide and provoke insights into your voice and your life.

Here are some of the things I liked and experienced with my Voice Reading:

  1. You have a soothing and generous voice and manner
  2. The impact of communicating 1 on 1
  3. You provided initial insights into my voice but I feel the most impact was from the discussion following. I am not sure if your insight drew only from my voice or from the words I chose. I suspect it was a combination.
  4. It was a 2 way conversation. You didn’t tell me or talk to me, rather you provided feedback and insight and then turned it into a conversation that led to me looking into myself and my motivations and purpose
  5. You found the real me very quickly
  6. We had a warm, comforting and open environment to talk
  7. You spoke to me about some potentially negative communications coming through (like regret) that gave me something to think about and address
  8. I left the conversation feeling enlightened to opportunities and with confirmation of that which I feel is important.

— Nathan Gyaneshwar

Hi Tim, I enjoyed the session with you the other day. I know enjoyed may not be the right word although I am sure you know what I mean. It was extremely therapeutic for me and I am very grateful for you holding the comfortable space.

I have been able to hear the audio recording and I did like the sound of my voice. It didn’t come across as bad as I felt so that is a revelation.

— Sue

Thanks Tim for the recent voice reading of my speech patterns and frequencies. I spend a lot of time on the phone and in person communicating with clients and have never heard the voice my clients hear, which was enlightening. Your explanations and tips have shown me how to understand the vibration message and personal connection I am sending my clients.

— Ian Smith, Northbridge

Amy – on her lovely “True Shining Self” blog – has provided a comprehensive write-up of her own Voice Reading experience

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