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Inspiring, insightful, entertaining and charming. Tim Noonan breathes life and joy into his conference keynotes, workshops and training presentations.

Tim’s inclusive design technology, accessibility and usability sessions are deeply researched, informative, insightful, constructive and will shape and expand your understandings in new and exciting ways.

In his voice, listening and communication presentations, Tim will take you on an enchanting journey of rediscovery into the untapped power and magic which is inherent in your own voice and the voices around you. Blind from birth, Tim demonstrates ways to speak more authentically and persuasively and how to listen for vocal cues that reveal so much more than words alone can ever say.

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“Dear Tim- I wanted to thank you and congratulate you on the thought-provoking and utterly value-adding talk you delivered at the Samplify session at AMP yesterday afternoon. I have had many folks contacting me today to say how stimulating they found the session and how your techniques were simply so powerful in showing them how neglected the auditory perception has become in modern brand and communication strategies given the emphasis on visual media.

I would have no hesitation in recommending you as a key note for any event… your talk has inspired me with a possibility to innovate where I had not even seen a possibility previously.” – Annalie Killian – Founder, Curator and Executive Producer AMP AMP Amplify Festival

Speaking & Workshop Topics

I frequently revise my speaking topics and refresh my content. If there is a particular topic you would like me to cover for your group, please do let me know.

Inclusive Service Design: Web, Mobile, Voice Interfaces and Beyond …

Tim will engagingly explore recent and emerging technological developments and the ways their designs can include (or exclude) different users. He will discuss the role of accessibility standards and guidelines, and what we need to do when they don't yet exist. Tim will finish with some key UX principles for designing and testing the fast-expanding field of voice-based systems and intelligent agents.

Accessibility Specialists, Tech Entrepreneurs, Hardware Designers & Software Developers, UX & Service Designers.

Presentation Style

Engaging, Inspirational, thought-provoking, Technical and Informative.

This engaging presentation explores the emerging trends and examples of design excellence in Inclusive Service Design.

Leading businesses are transitioning from a culture of responding to complaints about accessibility issues to a positively-framed culture of preemptively planning and designing comfortable user experiences for all users.

As we move further into multi-modal means of computer interactions – screens, keyboards, pointing devices and voice/natural language input and output – everyone has the possibility of engaging with technology and society in the ways that are best suited to their unique abilities and their current context.

some possible topics Tim may cover include:

  • accessible apps, websites and telephone services
  • way-finding technologies,
  • Accessibility issues for virtual and augmented reality, such as Virtual tour-guides,
  • Voice Systems and Intelligent Agents
  • Beacons and adaptations to the built environment.

Presentation Outcomes:

  • Engage and excite attendees about inclusive service design
  • Instil the belief that accessible inclusive solutions are possible, achievable and rewarding
  • Shift the ‘Accessibility is hard work and a chore’ mentality to ‘Inclusion is an opportunity to greatly improve services and user experiences for **all* users!’

Transforming Customer Experiences through Vocal Authenticity and Insightful Listening

Conference Keynote | Interactive Workshop

Particularly relevant for contact centre & inside sales teams, Face-to-face or telephone-based customer contact , this presentation covers strategies and practical techniques for speaking with more clarity, confidence and compassion and skills for listening to others with greater recall, depth and understanding.

Call Centre Agents; Inside Sales; Auctioneers; Educators; Cust?omer Experience; Speaking and Presenting Skills; Listening Strategies; Team Building; Business Communications; Personal & Professional Development.

Presentation Style

Inspirational, Entertaining, Informative, Interactive.

“The human voice is the most influential sound on the planet”

Tim Noonan is a professional listener and the creator of the Vocal Consciousness approach – strategies and techniques which promote vocal understanding; foster expressive speaking and nurture insightful listening. As a person blind from birth, Tim has learnt to listen for countless vocal cues that reveal so much more than the casual listener is aware of; and once enlightened, your way of speaking and listening will change forever.

After this presentation you will have a range of strategies and practical techniques for speaking with more clarity, confidence and compassion and skills for listening to others with greater recall, depth and understanding.

This Session Will Include:

  • How to use your own voice to create more meaningful and trusting connections with others – personally and in business;
  • Some helpful recommendations about voice care and vocal load;
  • A range of strategies and practical techniques for speaking with more clarity, confidence and compassion, and skills for listening to others with greater recall, depth and understanding;
  • Exploration of the inevitable and essential relationships that exist between Voice and Likeability; Voice and Authenticity; and most important of all, Voice and Trust;
  • Each delegate will receive a complimentary copy of my presentation skills eBook – “Your Voice is Your Business: 7 Voice Strategies for Vocal Brilliance” .

Selected Quotes from Keynote and Workshop

every workplace communication we are engaged in is a client connection requiring our respect.

When we are speaking on the phone, both the speaker and listener are effectively blind. the sound of our voice, our choice of words and our conversational manner have to tell the whole story.

You are responsible for monitoring and maximising the clarity of your communications

I can’t put it any other way, voice work is work on the self.

We all need to bring kindness to this work – kindness to others, but even more-so, kindness to ourself.

Your Voice, Your Business, Your Brand.

The human voice is the most overlooked and under-utilised corporate resource in Australia! Learn how to strategically use voice and sound to increase customer connection and brand engagement.
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Corporate Leaders; PR, Branding, Advertising, Marketing and Design; Customer Service; Contact Centre Management.

Presentation Style

Corporate, Authoritative, Innovative, Challenging Traditional Branding Assumptions.

“Whether you are representing yourself, or are part of a major corporation, you are expressing and defining your brand every single time you speak.”

The human voice is the most overlooked and under-utilised corporate resource in Australia! Every company knows how it’s supposed to look, but do you know how your company should sound? Corporations invest billions on prescribing and enforcing their visual branding (which ensures brand recognition), however it is the Corporate Voice of your organization, and every one of its representatives, which is the key to building and maintaining trusted brand relationships.

Tim’s messages and techniques around Vocal Branding, Voice, Leadership, Brand Messages, Authenticity and Trust are as applicable to Multinationals, as they are to contact Centres, Educators, Tech Start Ups, inside sales and face-to-face Sales Teams. There is no better way to build trust and create brand loyalty than through the strategic and purposeful use of voice throughout your organisation.

Presentation Take Homes Include Strategies to:

  • Intensify the emotional engagement of your brand;
  • Boost your message’s power and impact by as much as 38 percent;
  • Captivate, engage and retain more people, authentically and in more ways.
  • As well as a complimentary copy for all delegates of Tim’s presentation skills Ebook “Your Voice is Your Business: 7 Voice Strategies for Vocal Brilliance”

Engaging Your Voice for Work, Health and Wellbeing Workshop

We all have a voice, yet almost every one of us underestimates it's power for harmony, self-healing and restoring balance to our mind, body and spirit. This interactive workshop includes Vocal Toning and other techniques for health and wellbeing.
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Team Building, Stress Reduction and Management, Business Communication, Health and Wellness Retreats, Personal Growth and Development, Spiritual Awareness, Sound Healing.

Presentation Style

Interactive Workshop, Relaxed Contemplative Delivery, Guided Meditation.

In this session Tim Noonan takes us on an enchanting journey into the magic and mystery of our most expressive instrument – The Human Voice. We explore together through vocal sound, how our voices can consciously be engaged as powerful instruments of love, healing and harmony, leading to greater authenticity and deeper listening.

Tim will also share some practical pointers for strengthening your professional connections through authentic spoken word communication.

From this session you will:

  • Develop a richer, healthier and happier relationship with your own voice;
  • Become more conscious of your own sound and the sound of others;
  • Open up your capacity to speak from the heart, with more warmth, expressiveness and authenticity;
  • Find yourself listening to and understanding others and your environment at a deeper and more insightful level.
  • Have available some easy vocal techniques which you can use anywhere to shift your mood, raise your level of alertness, or to release stress.

Seeing Things Differently: Change your Outlook and Transform Your World

This inspiring and entertaining presentation is drawn from Tim's life experiences as a blind person in a largely seeing world, he explores the power of perspective for putting problems into proportion and how engaging all of our senses can transform how we perceive our life and our world.
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Corporate Team Building, Personal Growth and Development

Presentation Style

Inspirational, Entertaining, Personal, Story-telling, Motivational.

Tim’s life experiences as a blind person living in a sighted world have given him a very unique and heart-centred perspective to people, relationships and situations. In this inspiring and entertaining presentation, Tim explores the power of perspective for putting problems into proportion and how engaging all of our senses can transform how we perceive our life and our world.

  • What we focus on and look for, is often what grows or shows up
  • Examining our unique strengths and talents is the key to our happiness and success
  • Often what seems most difficult or painful to live with can conceal a wondrous gift, if only we can work out how to see it.
  • We all experience ‘failures’ in work and in life, though in hind-sight these experiences can be some of our most valuable teachers in love and in life.

Finding and Refining Your Voice in Social Media

Authentically, engagingly and consistently express your true self and identity online and through social media.
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Industry, Small Business, Entrepreneurs, Media and Social Commentators.

Presentation Style

Interactive, Creative, Conversational, Stimulating.

Voice philosopher and technologist Tim Noonan will take us on an enchanting journey of self-discovery into both our virtual and our physical voices.

  • How can we best express our essential self (our voice) online through social media channels while also endeavouring to keep true to who we are and how we present face-to-face?

  • What are some of the implications of voice, gender and identity, particularly when we connect and communicate online, predominantly through text-based channels?

  • What are some of the technical barriers of online communication and how can we work with them and work around them to include more people in our conversations?

The physical human voice has the natural capacity to convey a blend of our thoughts and our feelings. Tim will explore and demonstrate some strategies for introducing more ‘heart’ to our social media communications.

He will conclude by mentioning some emerging technologies which have the capacity to create deeper and more authentic connections.

Sound Design: Technology That Talks

Tim shares his unique understandings around elegant and efficient voice user interface design. He highlights the crucial differences between screen based and sound based application design and concludes with his key recommendations for creating a natural-sounding voice app that speaks for itself.
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User Experience (UX) Designers; Psychologists; Software and Telephony Developers; Technology Innovation; Disability and Accessibility; Mobile Applications Development.

Presentation Style

Technical, Authoritative, World Class Expert.

“When you’re eyes need to be on the road ahead of you, or are otherwise occupied, sound is paramount”

For the last 25 years Tim has been leading the way in teaching, conceptualizing and designing technologies that communicate with users through voice and sound – both for accessibility and mainstream clients.

Some of these services include automated telephone systems, phone based voting and banking, voice enabled ATMs, smart phone application design, self-voicing in-car technologies and more.

Building on his background in cognitive psychology, linguistics and education; through the use of case studies and audio samples Tim shares his unique understandings around elegant and efficient voice user interface design. He highlights the crucial differences between screen based and sound based application design and concludes with his key recommendations for creating an intuitive, natural-sounding voice app that speaks for itself.

“Tim recently spoke about Vocal Branding and the power of the human voice at the Experiential Marketing Summit which I convened in Sydney. Tim’s session was the last of a packed day, however he was able to keep the audience laughing, involved and fully engaged throughout his content-rich presentation which was fresh, provocative and thought-provoking. The feedback received was fantastic! I would be very happy to recommend Tim to other conference organisers as a dynamic and professional presenter who has great stage presence and a fascinating story to share.” – Mark Harvey, Managing Director, Wakamo Business Media

Read some feedback on Tim’s presentations and workshops by conference planners and workshop organisers.

Vocal Authenticity, Deep Listening and Vocal Branding Seminars and Conference Presentations

Tim is available to run purpose-designed communication and presentation skills workshops for your company or organisation, and to deliver an extraordinary keynote presentation at your next User Experience, Telephony, Contact Centre, Branding, Marketing or Advertising Conference.

Your delegates will definitely thank you for opening up new ideas and ways to increase their creativity, customer communications and brand impact; they will be enthralled by the freshness, promise and limitless possibilities of Tim’s approach to voice; and they will be delighted by Tim’s charm, captivating stories and his warm audience engagement.

See what event organisers have said about Tim’s presentations.

About Tim

Tim Noonan is a voice, sound and usability consultant and inspirational conference speaker.

Tim’s voice counselling and coaching practice offers voice, life path and communication coaching to individuals, businesses and professionals.

Tim’s work and passion centres around spoken human communication. In particular, how we can employ our voices to build more authentic, open and trust-based relationships, in business and in life.

A lifelong student, Tim’s formal studies include a degree in Psychology and Education, a Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy, a Certificate in Relaxation Hypnosis and extensive studies in energetic & sound healing.

With a list of clients including AMP, Westpac, Webber Shandwick PR, Optus, Naked Communications and the Australian Electoral Commission, Tim is the “go to” person for businesses – small or large – wishing to authentically engage their customers through sound and spoken word.

To book Tim or to find out more, please email or call Tim on 0419 779 669

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