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Based in Sydney, I have been working as a voice, sound, usability and accessibility consultant for over three decades. During that time I’ve been regularly engaged as an inspirational speaker to inform, inspire and entertain groups around Australia and abroad.

For individuals, I offer a unique range of personalised voice counselling, communications skills and life path coaching services, as well as Intuitive Voice Readings.



Great-Sounding Voice Services, Products and Apps

  • Voice, sound & technology consulting
  • Voice Assistant interaction design
  • Accessibility advice, strategy & design
Voice readings

Voice readings

Learn more of who you are through the voice that I hear

  • What does your voice say about you?
  • Understand your vocal psychology
  • Explore your values, gifts & strengths


Book Tim to inspire, inform and entertain your next conference or industry event. 

  • Inspirational conference speaking
  • Voice & communications workshops
  • Health & wellness presentations


Know yourself, sound your best, awaken your potential 

  • Intuitive life path coaching
  • Vocal awareness & voice counselling
  • Communications skills mentoring

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