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Excellence in Accessibility and

Voice User Interface Design

Tim Noonan has extensive consulting expertise in three key areas:

  • Voice, sound, technology and usability consulting

  • Voice Interfaces & Voice Interaction Design including , Virtual Agents, TTS, IVR & Telephony review, scripting, voice direction & design

  • Accessibility advice & training, strategy and design

Tim is an inspirational conference speaker and can create a tailored Accessibility/Inclusive Service Design or Voice Interaction Design UX presentation for your next conference or event. Go to Tim’s Speaking page

read about some of Tim’s key consultancies and projects

Tim is also a leader in the application of Vocal Branding principles for products and businesses. Vocal Branding is the strategic and purposeful use of voice to strengthen and enhance brand experiences.

Researching and Creating ‘Innovative Solutions

Many of our most successful consultancies involved us researching a complex but important customer need that didn’t yet have an easy or existing solution. We are often engaged to research, design, implement and develop fresh approaches or create elegant accessible solutions, balancing accessibility and security.

Excellence in Usability and Accessibility

We understand technology extremely well, but we understand people and human communication even better. It is this capacity to harmonise technology-based user interfaces with human factors and individual preferences which makes our inclusive design solutions so well received.

Size Doesn’t Matter

We assist professionals, small businesses, and software developers, Government departments and major companies. Sometimes we are engaged for a single day, other times on a retainer basis or we can be engaged over many months for larger projects.

Read about some of our consulting services for independent professionals and Small Business

About Tim Noonan and His Consulting Experience

For three decades Tim Noonan has been providing voice, sound and accessibility consulting services to companies, organisations and government departments.

read about some of Tim’s key consultancies and projects

He has also worked as the technology advisor to some of the most prominent blind professionals in the country, ensuring that they are optimally efficient and productive as leaders in their field. Go to the AT support and training page

Tim is a world-class authority on the accessibility and usability of online banking and electronic voting technologies, He has co-authored four industry electronic banking standards and co-authored the accessible Electronic Voting Standard.

One of Tim’s most comprehensive consultancies was to the NSW Electoral Commission as the accessibility and usability designer for iVote (online and telephone voting).

He also consults to businesses on their voice and sound and is a leader in Vocal Branding – the strategic and purposeful use of voice to strengthen and enhance brand experiences so your brands sound as compelling as they look and feel!

[Tim has experience in all aspects of information accessibility , as well as key specialisations in the accessibility of mobile apps, Banking and Finance services, and in designing and optimising the usability of automated telephone services (IVRs).

Speak With Us

Please speak with us about your voice, sound, usability or accessibility requirements and we will make every effort to meet and exceed your needs.

Our reputation is built on more than 30 years broad experience in accessibility strategy and service design, backed up by extensive engagement with (and a thorough understanding of) the various communities we serve.

By combining your commitment to inclusiveness with our extensive Voice, usability and accessibility expertise supported by our dependable strategic guidance, your organisation will significantly expand its customer reach.

A range of informative reports and white papers written by Tim Noonan on technology design and accessibility are available for download.

Please contact us to discuss how we can best assist your business with tailored accessibility, voice branding, telephony and usability solutions.

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