Coaching and Wellbeing

A little about Me and My Engagement Style

As a person who has grown up blind in a sighted world, I bring a very unique and heart-centred perspective to people, relationships and situations. Being blind has also led me to develop refined skills in attentive listening and expressive vocal communication – skills which I now teach to individuals and business professionals.

All coaching conversations and sessions with me are confidential, compassionate and constructive.

Coaching is a term which means different things to different people. Here I use the term quite broadly to encompass a variety of coaching, counselling, training, mentoring, healing and wellbeing activities with clients. My coaching and wellbeing practise is based in Surry Hills, Sydney Australia, a short walk from Central Station. Coaching sessions can be face-to-face from my Sydney location, or via Skype/Facetime/phone.

My engagement approach and how we work together largely depends on what it is that you wish to explore, develop, understand and achieve.

Being mindful of your stated and emerging objectives for our sessions, I include a variety of approaches and interaction styles, based on my background, skills and gifts.

My coaching approach draws on my diverse interests and disciplines including:

  • Life Path Coaching

  • Vocal Authenticity & Voice Counselling

  • Strategies for Attentive Listening

  • Communication & Presentation Skills Mentoring

  • Spiritual Counselling, Forgiveness Work & Intuitive Healing

My formal background includes a Degree in Cognitive Psychology and Education, a Diploma of Massage Therapy, a Certificate in Relaxation Hypnosis and extensive studies in Energetic and Sound Healing. I have been studying and working with voice, public speaking and human communication for most of my adult life.

Know Yourself | Sound Your Best | Awaken Your Potential

My life path coaching, voice counselling and communications mentoring work incorporates these three core themes.

Know Yourself

Increased awareness of who you are, combined with an understanding of your life patterns is the starting point for any significant life change, including greater life balance and harmony.

Sound Your Best

People assess us, and even judge us based on how we look, but their first impressions of us are equally based on how we sound, both the words we use and the sound and tone of our voice and communication.

Awaken Your Potential

Every one of us arrives on the planet with a unique set of gifts and talents, which are clues to our life’s purpose. It may not appear to be grand, earth-shattering or even popular, but our purpose is intrinsically connected to our values, decisions and how we choose to live our life.

Book your Coaching Consultation with Tim

Tim Noonan provides coaching services to self-funded individuals as well as providing tailored services for executives and business team members.

The pricing listed below is for individuals and professionals who are self funding.

Feel free to call or email me for a chat about your particular situation and find out if a Coaching consultation or an intuitive Voice Reading is right for you.

If you are an employer, looking to provide communications coaching for your staff, please contact me to explore coaching formats and options.

An initial Coaching Session runs for 90 minutes and allows us to get to know one another, explore your needs and coaching objectives and plan next steps.

Sometimes, your question, concern or objective can be sufficiently covered in our initial consultation.

How to Book

  1. Email or call me +61 419 779 669 to reserve a date and time for your consultation.

  2. Purchase your 90 minute Coaching Consultation for $225 via Paypal or Credit Card

  3. I’ll then make contact with you by the next business day with the details for your Session.

Flexible Time Coaching Packs

Following your initial coaching consultation, or after experiencing a Voice Reading with Tim, you can purchase a 3 hour, 6 hour or 8 hour Flexible coaching pack.

With your flexible time coaching pack, You can choose how you would like to allocate your available hours across your sessions.

For example if you purchase a 3 hour coaching pack then you may choose to have three 1 hour sessions, two 90 minute sessions, or perhaps following a 1 hour session you might opt to have an extended 2 hour session to work on a business pitch or to strengthen some important communication skills.

Coaching Pack Pricing and Ordering

  • 3 Hour Flexible Coaching Pack – $425

  • 6 Hour Flexible Coaching Pack – $800

  • 8 Hour Flexible Coaching Pack – $995

Prices current as of January 2017

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