Social Media Women Presentation Notes: Finding & Refining Your Voice in Social Media, With Tim Noonan

About This Talk

“A HUGE thankyou @TimNoonan your presentation last night was wonderful, feedback from attendees has been true soul food!!” – Nancy Georges Social Media Women Convener

Authentically, engagingly and consistently express your true self and identity in social media.

On the evening of Tuesday, 13 November 2012, Voice philosopher and technologist Tim Noonan will take us on an enchanting journey of self-discovery into both our virtual and our physical voices.

  • How can we best express our essential self (our voice) online through social media channels while also endeavoring to keep true to who we are and how we present face-to-face?

  • What are some of the implications of voice, gender and identity, particularly when we connect and communicate online, predominantly through text-based channels?

The physical human voice has the natural capacity to convey a blend of our thoughts and our feelings. Tim will explore and demonstrate some strategies for introducing more ‘heart’ to our social media communications.

Tim will conclude by mentioning some emerging technologies which have the capacity to create deeper and more authentic connections.

Guys also welcome!

listen to ‘SMW Greeting Message – I'm speaking at #SocialMediaWomen about Your Voice in Social Media in Sydney on the evening of Tuesday 13 November 2012’ on Audioboo

Presentation Themes and Tweets

In the spirit of vocal social media, we did a live @audioboo recording of an on-stage voice reading with Katy. You can listen to the segment below.

“Thank you for your riveting talk tonight Tim on Voice and Social Media, really loved it, still buzzing! Cheers Anna” – Anna Kellerman Twitter

“By bringing voice back into social media, our humanity is also brought back ~ @TimNoonan #smwomen” – Lorelei Feathery Twitter

“Before posting anything to social media – READ IT OUT LOUD before hitting send!! @TimNoonan #smwomen” – Tim Noonan Social Media Women Tweet

“When we hear someone, we’re hearing what’s going on inside not just an external reflection like sight ~ @timnoonan #smwomen” – Tim Noonan Judith Cantor Tweet

“TOLD – Thinking Out Loud Device: RT @SocialMediaWomn: If you have an idea, talk it out with yourself – great advice from @TimNoonan #smwomen” – Tim Noonan Social Media Women Tweet

“’Sound is social’ so #socialmedia should not be silent #smwomen @timnoonan” – Tim Noonan Paula O’Sullivan Tweet

Tools and Resources Mentioned by Tim

Audioboo – Because sound is social. Audioboo Site

Heytell – Private and small group, push to talk voice messaging mobile app. Heytell Site

Voxer – Private and small group, longer message push to talk mobile app. Voxer Site

SoundCloud – Share your sound, voice or music. SoundCloud Site

Zello – Live multi-user voice chat app. Zello Site

About Tim and Vocal Branding Australia

Inspiring, insightful, entertaining and charming. Tim Noonan breathes life and joy into his workshops and presentations. He will take you on an enchanting journey of rediscovery into the untapped power and magic inherent in your own voice, and the voices around you.

Tim Noonan is a Voice, Usability and Accessibility Consultant, inspirational conference speaker and the founder of Vocal Branding Australia.

A professional listener, Tim’s work and passion centres around how we can best use our voices to engage, inspire and influence – leading to more open, sincere and trust-based relationships.

An innovator in voice-based communication, Tim coaches executives, speakers, voice artists and contact centres in presentation skills, insightful listening and authentic vocal self-expression, as well as consulting to teams and organisations to assist them develop natural and memorable vocal brands.

Tim has been communicating and socially connecting online since 1984, where he has examined and experienced how technology can profoundly enable or disable people who experience diverse real life capabilities and limitations.

Through his interest and participation with numerous online communities, dating services and emerging social media platforms, Tim has a rich and diverse perspective on issues of gender, orientation, persona and identity online.

Along-side this technological emersion, Tim has also been studying the complex interplay between our physical voice, our life experiences of socialisation & conformity and how these can affect or hinder our capacity to authentically express who we really are both in real life and online.

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