Past Reports and White Papers by Tim Noonan

The links below point to a variety of reports, articles, and research papers by Tim Noonan. These are copyrighted by the author, or by the organisation commissioning the writing.

Wherever possible, we endeavour to make our reports and white papers available online, and in accessible formats, unless the material is confidential to the client.

Note: Tim Noonan previously traded as SoftSpeak Computer Services.

Usability of Automated Telephone Services (IVRs)

Designing User Friendly Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Telephone Services for all. Tim Noonan

Enabling Independent Access To Electronic Information For People With Disabilities And The Older Population Through Automated Telephone Services – Outline Of Presentation (2001) Royal Blind Society

A Strategy and Information on Designing User-Friendly Automated Telephone Services Which Incorporate Text-To-Speech. (2000) Royal Blind Society

Access to Technology, Consumer Electronics and Appliances

Interview with Matt Moore for the Engineers Without Fears podcast:Discussing the internet, current accessibility landscape and the future of technology_ (2008) Tim Noonan,

The Overlooked Consumers -20% of the Australian Population with Disabilities and Older People:ADiscussion Paper examining the Access Challenges and Emerging Possibilities for Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances (2007) Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission,

Accessible Banking, Finance and E-Commerce

Four Industry Standards on Accessible ATM, EFTPOS, Web and Automated Telephone Banking Services plus Guidelines on Accessible Authentication (2002) Australian Bankers’ Association (Tim Noonan was principal researcher/author) *

Making E-Commerce Accessible to People with Disabilities in Australia and Other Countries. (2000) Blind Citizens Australia

Barriers to using Automatic Teller Machines: A review of the usability of self-service Banking facilities for Australians with disabilities. 20 PP (2000) Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission, Australia. (This paper also addresses low literacy and NESB issues).

Accessible Telecommunications and IT

Digital Information Available Through Audio, Video and Alternative Interfaces For People With Disabilities: Could Universal Design Be The Answer? (2001) SoftSpeak Computer Services

Development of an Accessible Speech User Interface for People who are Blind or Vision impaired. (1994) Royal Blind Society

Developments in Reading and Information Access for People who are Blind or Vision Impaired. (1993) Royal Blind Society

Disability and Social Inclusion

Netporn, Sexuality and the Politics of Disability: A Catalyst for Access, Inclusion and Acceptance? Originally published in (revised 2007).

Massage Therapy

Effects of Massage Therapy Techniques On the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) Endocrine and Other Body Systems (1998) Calming Hands.

[Jasmine: Its Story in Aromatherapy][34] (1999) Calming Hands.


Note: Calming Hands was Tim’s massage and healing treatments business.

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