Voice is All About Relationship

The human voice is really all about relationship!

Whenever we speak (whether one-on-one or to a group) we are sending out information about the various relationships and attitudes we hold:

  1. At the deepest level, our voice reflects the relationship we hold with ourself. How we view our own voice gives us rich insights into how we view ourself on the most personal levels. It also tells others how we ‘view’ ourself at the moment and over-all.

  2. As a speaker (whether in an interview, a meeting or when presenting to an audience) our voice informs our audiences of the relationship we hold with our content (that is whatever we are talking about) and our message and particularly our ‘call to action’. If we aren’t sufficiently confident about, and truly comfortable with aspects of our material, our voice will reveal this uncertainty, or it will reveal that we are cloaking and holding back in some way.

  3. As a speaker, our voice also ‘tells’ our family, our friends, our colleagues, our clients and our audiences about the relationship we hold with them and indicates our personal attitude towards them. Whether it be respectful, vulnerable, superior, appreciative, or something else.

By being clearer within ourselves about each of these three core relationships we hold – relationships which are expressed whenever we speak – our communication with others can be more honest, open, effective and respectful.

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