Conversation: The Human Voice is the Most Influential Sound on the Planet!

Hear this conversation with me about the human voice

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Some time back now I recorded a conversation between myself and a colleague, Robin Dickinson @robin_dickinson on Twitter for my occasional CoffeeCast Conversations podcast. At the outset I thought I was going to interview Robin, but he ended up interviewing me instead… about my fascination and passion about voice, vocal authenticity, openness and trust. Robin graciously demonstrated his talent for encouraging and inviting me to share my love and fascination of all things voice, and our conversation travels far and wide touching upon numerous aspects of speaking and vocal communication.

Running Time: 17 min 18 sec

This CoffeeCast interview was recorded at North Side Coffee Mornings #NSCM on 28 January 2010.

Themes touched upon in this interview include:

  • Generosity when speaking, and sharing one’s joy through smiles;
  • The huge role that vocal tone of voice unconsciously plays in our lives when assessing a person’s attitude toward us and to their message;
  • The role of sound and vocal language in the womb and during infancy;
  • An exploration into the human voice’s largely overlooked capacity to powerfully influence us;
  • Gregorian Chant and Toning (the sounding of extended vowels) to adjust one’s mental and physical state, and for promoting empathy, health and life balance;
  • We finished with a vocal ‘end of day’ ritual for reconnecting with your partner and loved-ones for restoring harmony and open communication.

Oh yes 🙂 and whenever you hear me say the word Ascending, please just pretend I’m saying Descending 🙂

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