Postponed Indefinitely: Voice and Vocal Authenticity workshop in Sydney, Toning for Health and Wellbeing

Voice and Vocal Toning Workshop

Surry Hills, Sydney

Post updated on 18 May 2015

Please note that this course has been postponed indefinitely, but its contents are preserved.

Our next Vocal Toning for Health, Happiness and Harmony workshop is being held over two four hour Sunday afternoon sessions – in Surry Hills – on the 14th and 21st of June 2015.

If you are looking to find, befriend and free your true voice, then ‘Toning for Health, and Wellbeing’ may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Course Overview

Vocal Toning is an opportunity to develop a healthier and happier relationship with your own voice and with the voices of others in your life. When toning we principally use our voice to produce extended vowel sounds, outside the constraints of words, pitch and rhythm.

In this workshop We will explore together through vocal sound, how our voices can consciously be engaged as powerful instruments of love, healing and harmony.

Just as Yoga relaxes and frees up the body, vocal toning relaxes and frees up the voice.

Each section of the workshop includes explanatory information which supports a range of experiential group activities including using the voice, for toning , and practising deep listening sound awareness tasks.

Over the course of two interactive 4 hour , sessions we will explore and experience the fundamentals of Vocal Toning for meditation, health and harmony. As the sessions progress you will take part in and experience some more advanced voice and toning techniques. You will leave the workshop with a variety of voice-based meditative techniques for relaxation and self-healing.

Over the two afternoons , each of us will contribute to and be the recipient of conscious healing sound from other course participants.

Audio Demonstration of Toning and Brief Vocal Toning Explanation

Workshop Benefits and Outcomes

In addition to learning voice and sound techniques for health and meditation, you will:

  • Develop a richer, healthier and happier relationship with your own voice

  • Become more conscious of your own voice and sound

  • Open and expand your capacity to speak from the heart, with more warmth, expressiveness and authenticity

  • Find yourself listening to and understanding others and your environment with more depth, compassion and understanding

  • Understand the differences and merits of vocal toning, spoken affirmations and mantra

  • Have available a range of easy vocal techniques which you can use anywhere to shift your mood, raise your level of alertness, or to release stress

Expressions of Interest

To express your interest or to ask any questions, please email me or give me a call on 0419 779 669.

Workshop registrations are taken on a first come first serve basis. Each toning circle workshop is limited to a maximum of eight participants to ensure group harmony and cohesion. This also allows participants to receive a highly personalised learning experience.

The workshop cost is $225, payable in full prior to session 1.

The toning workshop includes:

  • Attendance at two 4 hour group vocal toning sessions (each followed by refreshments);

  • The opportunity to receive sound healing from the group ;

  • Access to online links, course notes and guided Audio material for use at home following workshop sessions.

Where and When

The toning workshop will be held on two consecutive Sunday afternoons – 14 and 21 June 2015 – in Cooper Street, Surry Hills, just a few minutes walk from Central Station,

We will be starting at 1:30pm and finishing before 6pm.

Toning Circle Participation Requirements

The toning circle sessions are sequential, and new information and techniques are covered in each session.

As we learn, share and use our voices together, we develop group trust and create a combined harmonic sound.

For this reason you must attend session 1 in order to take part in session 2.

Workshop numbers are limited, so To confirm your place, a deposit of $90 is payable two weeks before session 1, or if your application is less than two weeks away from session one, the deposit needs to be paid in 24 hours to secure your place.

Full course Payment must be received , prior to the commencement of session 1.

Course Confirmation and Payment

Workshop payments can be made via Paypal, using the purchase buttons below. Paypal also allows you to pay securely using your credit card. You will receive an email Tax Invoice for your purchase.

In the unlikely event that the course needs to be cancelled, or postponed due to insufficient numbers, your payment will of course be refunded in full.

To hold your place, please make payment of either

  • your Voice Workshop Deposit of $100


  • you may choose to pay the Full Voice workshop Amount of $225 as a one-off payment

If you have already paid your deposit, but have not paid the full workshop cost of $225, the balance amount of $125 needs to be paid before session one.

  • Pay the Voice Workshop balance amount of $125

You will receive a Tax Invoice email for your workshop purchases.

A Note about Vocal Toning

Vocal Toning is the elongation of a sound using the breath and voice no matter the quality or pitch of the sound. Unlike singing and speaking, vocal toning frees us of judgment or assessment of the sound, instead focusing our attention on the quality of our intention. When toning we principally use our voice to produce extended vowel sounds, outside the constraints of words, pitch and rhythm. Toning works to bridge the gap between speaking and singing, releasing both the intellectual and the performance associations we tend to hold with the voice.

Vocal toning isn’t reliant on any particular religious or spiritual beliefs, though it does draw upon ancient wisdom regarding sound and healing across cultures and sacred texts.

About Tim

Tim is a Voice Counsellor, Inspirational Speaker and Life Path Coach. Tim offers intuitive Voice Readings, an opportunity to learn more of who you are through the voice that he hears.

Blind from birth, Tim has learnt to listen for countless vocal cues that reveal so much more than the casual listener is aware of, and once enlightened, your way of speaking and listening will change forever.

Tim’s formal studies include a degree in Psychology and Education, a Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy, a Certificate in Relaxation Hypnosis and extensive studies in energetic & sound healing.

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