Business Voice & Sound Checks: How is Your Business Sounding and How Could it Sound Better?

When was the last time you really paid attention to how the Voices and sounds of your business actually sound, and the effect they have on your customers and clients? In many instances, the voices used in your business are literally your brand.

Unless you’re online-only, every company, Government department or small business speaks with its customers in one way or another, but we rarely think about just how crucial the sound of voices are for engaging and influencing our customers and for building trust and brand loyalty.

All management and most employees in your organisation probably know how your brand should look, but if you were to ask them “how should our brand Sound?’ you may receive hesitant and perplexed looks. A Business voice & Sound Check reports on how your business sounds at the moment, and delivers practical research-based recommendations on how your brand could (or should) sound, to reinforce your visual branding and strengthen sales.

What is a Business Voice & Sound Check?

A Business voice & Sound Check is a bit like mystery shopping, where we investigate and report back on how positively and effectively your service or organisation is presently employing voice and sound across its different communication channels.

Business Voice & Sound Checks can include consideration of

  • Ambient noise, music choice and the acoustics of retail spaces and public venues

  • automated telephone services,

  • switchboard/reception staff,

  • ‘on hold’ messages,

  • call centre style and quality standards,

  • sales and support staff’s phone manner,

  • executive outgoing voicemail greetings,

  • the vocal style of official and unofficial media spokespeople for your organisation,

  • and of course, the use of voices who represent your organisation, in radio, TV and online advertising.

Speak with us about how a Voice Sound Check can improve your sales and customer relations.

A Business Voice & Sound Check Case Study

As an example, Tim Noonan was commissioned to do a Vocal Branding audit of Australia’s leading telephone dating service, including short, medium and long-term strategy recommendations, explored through an interactive workshop-style presentation to management.

What Does a Voice & Sound Check Bring to Your Business?

The high level benefit of a Business Sound Check is to strengthen your customer relations and increase sales by:

  1. Helping you identify any spoken word communications areas in your organisation requiring attention;
  2. Establishing a baseline reference for the way voice is currently being used in your organisation so you can measure improvements;
  3. Reporting on the intentional and unintentional sounds generated by your business;
  4. Providing you with recommended next steps and a preliminary unified voice strategy for your organisation.

    Contact us or call us on 0419 779 669 about how a Voice & Sound Check can improve your sales and customer experiences.

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