IVRs, Usability, script refinement & User Interface Design

We excel in creating highly intuitive, effective and enjoyable user experiences through strategic and creative use of voice and sound.

Our usability and human factors experience includes conceptual design and development of automated telephone services, such as telephone banking, telephone voting and other talking self-service technologies such as talking automatic teller machines, and voice-output voting kiosks for the Australian Electoral Commission.

We have also partnered with the University of New south Wales developing voice-based prototypes for eyes-busy navigation and personal information management.

In June and July 2010 Tim Noonan researched and authored an Industry Standard for Telephone Voting for use by Australian electoral Management bodies, such as the Australian Electoral Commission.

“Tim Noonan is the pre-eminent Australian (if not world) authority on the applications of IVR to a range of processes and voice-based information services, and probably has the greatest expertise on telephone and internet voting throughout Australia.” – Graeme Innes, former Australian Disability Discrimination Commissioner

Our usability work goes way beyond voice selection and vocal direction, employing human factors cognitive psychology principles to optimise the ways information is presented by voice, for greatest clarity, efficiency and an optimal user experience.

Writing, reviewing and refining scripts is a particular strength , leading to the perfect matching of words with the way they are expressed. We write and revise scripts for IVRs, ‘on hold’ talking information kiosks and for call-centre environments.

Where appropriate, we can also project lead or advise on other audio and technical production matters such as effects, EQ, soundscapes and music beds, creating a SonicFeel that naturally complements the VocalFeel we have created with the client. The SonicFeel (sound environment) can often be likened to the ambiance in a restaurant, and the VocalFeel (the vocal style) to the menu of dishes on offer.

Some of the ways we can assist include:

We provide voice-based consulting and sonic and voice branding services to telephony/IVR suppliers/developers, as well as consulting directly to companies, small business and other organisations, to develop innovative and trusted voice-based products, services and customer experiences.

We also team with leaders in market research, brand strategy, graphic design and copywriting to create vibrant brand experiences that sound as compelling and engaging as they look and feel – brands that resonate deeply with customers through all their modalities and across multiple senses.

  • IVR Service Review and Recommendations

  • Voice Audits and Vocal Branding Research

  • Vocal Branding and Sonic Branding Strategy

  • Usability, script refinement & auditory User Interface Design

  • Brand and Voice Matching (Vocal Casting

  • Voice Talent sourcing and Contracting

  • Meticulous Vocal Direction of talent

Teaming with Tim Noonan will result in:

  • A more unique and unified brand expression across all communications channels;
  • Crisper brand identity;
  • Stronger brand relationships and emotional engagement with customers;
  • Increased brand trust, brand loyalty and brand credibility.

Please contact usto discuss how we can work with you to create outstanding auditory and voice-based user experiences for your customers.

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